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The purpose of the LGA Essentials on-line program is to facilitate learners gaining a more complete understanding of the key elements of the role of a Local Government Administrator (LGA). The LGA role includes the most senior community government staff position, commonly referred to as the Senior Administrative Officer (SAO), and other senior management staff of the community government. The primary focus for this course is on the role of the SAO.

The SAO is an essential position within a community government. As such, the SAO needs to be knowledgeable of legislation and regulations related to community governments; be familiar with relevant GNWT policy, programs and services; able to provide proper advice to support Council decision-making; and capable of managing community government operations including human resource, financial and asset management, public safety and recreation.

LGA Essentials is a specialized course in the LGA stream of the Community Management Program. The program is designed for SAOs, Assistant SAOs, ALGAP Trainees and other staff aspiring to be a SAO or those interested in working in local government.

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